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At 1WVAC our strength is a global supply chain. From our HQ in Canada we deliver high quality garment at minimums as low as 50 units per design.

Since 2013 we continue to help emerging designers in the fashion startup community with cutting edge solutions. Our key strength is communication and we take time to discuss product development and provide technical insight.



Acid St, Miami, FL

When we decided on a manufacturer for our first season, we wanted to work with people who we felt had the same core competencies as us. We felt that 1WAVC really had the right people behind the scenes to make our creations come to life with full integrity.


Jack, Manhattan, NY

You are a pleasure to work with and I think you are an honest person.  I really appreciate the level of communication we've had - the back and forth throughout this time has reinforced my trust in your desire to produce a nice garment on time for your client.  The all over embroidered pants are exceptional.  The material, the adjustments to the sample that were made in email notes such as the pocket and buttons.  I'm thoroughly enthusiastic about showing these and selling these as a my branded garment.  They represent the brand ideally. Thank you.

Sudh, Brooklyn, NY

It is a pleasure to be reaching out to you again. I appreciate your comment and wishing us well on our instagram. I am finally ready to get started with these socks that I have been planning on for months. I wanted to once again thank you for taking us into consideration for our 2nd project as we really do appreciate doing business with you.